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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting treatment advice is very simple on CallHealer. First of all, you can categorize your treatment if you want to, and you can see the clinics that can perform that treatment. Or you can check out popular clinics for clinics. You can start by choosing the clinic you want to do first by saying 'request' and then answering the questions the treatment planner will ask you. Remember, if you want, you can share the picture in this step. That's all, the rest is under Callhealer's control. 

The clinics have a maximum response time of 24 hours. You will receive a notification containing your treatment plan, travel plan and fees within 24 hours. Notification will be sent to you from your email address.

Callhealer has a learning artificial intelligence, the primary purpose of which is to understand your needs and be able to give you the right advice. While artificial intelligence provides treatment and clinical advice, it can use past experiences, clinical characteristics, and more.

Callhealer has integrated travel agencies. In all regions, these agencies provide accommodation for the duration of your treatment you need, transportation at the most affordable prices.Once your request is confirmed, our experienced agents will deliver you via Callhealer.

At Callhealer, the primary responsibility of clinics is to provide accurate information. Clinics should share their treatments, their doctors, even their resumes with Callhealer. At this stage, clinics must provide the necessary equipment, both visual and material. Once registered clinically, the system will automatically send you a notification when the patient starts receiving requests. You must submit your offer within 24 hours of this incoming notification. Providing the correct pricing when submitting your offer is extremely important for CallHealer. You can also share the treatments if you want at this stage. Once confirmed, the system opens the online call system for you, and you can start talking to your client. 

Callhealer recommends clinics, using past likes, clicks, patient reviews, the clinic's self-reported information, experts and content, creating a ranking table for it with its own artificial intelligence algorithm. According to this ranking, clinics are ranked on the patient's search lists.

Callhealer's clinical advice is listed. The patient can offer at the same time from any clinic he wants. So the decision maker of the process is sick. The system automatically notifies non-patient-selected clinics, which can offer directly from the Open Requests section.As a result, each registered clinic has the right to offer to all patients requested within the limits of their treatment capacity.

Callhealer can only include healthcare institutions with health tourism authorization. When the clinics are registered, this document is recorded in the system, both on request and under the control of the Ministry of Health. Clinics and doctors who do not have this document cannot be included in the system.

In Callhealer, you can create prominent campaigns for your package treatments. Simultaneously, you can create campaigns like showcasing your clinic at popular clinics in the showcase sections of our site, as well as rankings. 

We're making a page about your clinic at Callhealer. This page works in 5 languages. It also contains information about the clinic, promotional papers about the city, tourist facilities and sights. We're enriching this page with pre-post pictures, institute promotional videos, visuals from your clinic and treatments that you can realize. Your clinical promotional page is very important in attracting patients, so it needs to be filled with quality visual and content. We're constantly informing clinics and doctors that we don't work with from time to time through our social media accounts. 

You need to buy a membership package, have a health tourism license and share your clinical content in full. As we include the clinics in the system, we're also looking at the past reviews that have been involved with them, the news that has come out about you. This review phase is important for our ability to provide quality service and continuity to our overseas patients.

Requests are sent through the system panel or to authorized email addresses. The clinic needs to respond to the request within 24 hours, with images that describe the price, treatment plan and treatment, and wait for approval. Requests that are not answered within 24 hours will be automatically deleted.Take care of this so you don't have access problems.

Callhealer's AI clinic combines the demand with accommodation, travel, interpreting, transfer, etc. to create a treatment package. The payment for this treatment package is blocked by the internationally accredited Stripe system. A portion of the blocked amount (which may vary depending on the initial treatment) is transferred to clinically registered account numbers within 1 month for treatment planning. After the treatment is completed, the remainder of the price proposed by the clinic is transferred to the official accounts of the coherence clinic again within 1 month at the latest.

After the patient accepts treatment and has paid for it, online channels are opened to interact with both the patient and the clinic through the user panel at Callheler. The patient is asking for an online appointment with the date and time of your visit. Then the claim is clinically examined. The clinic can approve at this stage or refuse with a different date request. After the interview has been requested, you can make direct login by clicking on the link that comes with the notification to the e-mail, or from the clinical panel when it's time for the appointment.